Title:  APAC NPI Manager

Essilor AMERA has subsidiaries in major countries in Asia Pacific (ASEAN, Korea & India) Middle East, Russia & Australia.


AMERA NPI TEAM is in place to support the business in the subsidiaries, to develop, to promote the adoption of good practices in New Product governance and master data management at the heart of Essilor LMS IT Systems ( NG / Rxlab.net, Gateway, WOS, Calculation platforms, Finished and Semi Finished). The team is located in Bangalore and Bangkok along with other Share Service teams. The team in under AMERA Supply Chain Department, and led by NPI Manager.



To Deploy New Products and Innovations in AMERA with Shortest Time-To-Market (Minimized Non-Value Added Tasks), Right First Time (Accurate Setup and No Rework), maintaining Efficiency.


Key Responsibilties:


  • The Sr. NPI Manager responsibility is to deliver the following points to an appropriate quality, in a timescale and at a cost acceptable to the customer. A customer may be a subsidiary, an Entity Business/ Operations/ Entity NPI or a relevant corporate team.

  • Manage NPI Team (14  Members; 10people in INDIA, 4poeple in Thailand)

  • Lead New Product Introduction projects
  • Promote the adoption of good practices in New Product governance in AMERA to all subsidiaries
  • Directs, motivates, plans and monitor the team's work
  • Prepare plans for the team's work and agree these with the respective Subsidiaries
  • Hands on troubleshooting skills to enhance and resolve issues
  • Ensure that quality controls of the team's work are planned and performed correctly
  • Take responsibility for the progress of the team's work and use of team resources and initiate corrective action where necessary within the constraints laid down by the relevant Sr. Managers
  • Propose new solutions and new processes to meet targets of speed and quality
  • Arrange regular meetings and produce KPI Reports as defined
  • IT change management with support for the Group and the regions
  • Define and implement the tools for migrating data to the target repository
  • Design and proposal of the target solution adapted to implementations in the regions
  • To work with WWPRO, GE, RICS, SC, AEL, Globe, Partners, Support Teams, CATMAN and IT teams  to action where necessary.
  • Calculation skills, knowledge
  • Master data management, referential
  • Filterring L09, NPI request to make ensure Value creation and control of complexity


Profile Required:



Educational skills:

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s  Degree in Science  IT or equivalent Science
  • Java, SQL, Web Services
  • Total Experience 8 to 10 yrs, minimum of 4-5 years of Process with People management
  • Experience in Project Management (Preferable)
  • Fluent Communication (English – Presentation, Read & Write)
  • Willing to travel (Need Basis only)
  • A good capacity for adaptation, good interpersonal skills and good communication are essential
  • High speed of execution of tasks is also important.


Interpersonal skills:

  • Good quality and fervent defender of transformation practices
  • Good communication and ability to build relationships of trust and position oneself
  • Ability to master and deal with complex subjects in a changing environment


Project Competence:

  • Project management through created value
  • Budget estimation
  • Monitoring & animating the all required Governance & steering committees


Language: English (compulsory).

The English language is used on a permanent basis in this mission for the drafting of deliverables,comments and communication with part of the team (based in Bangalore & Bangkok). All Meetings and discussions will be held in English,  all written documents (presentations, deliverables, etc.) will be in English.