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Position Title:

Maintenance Engineer

Reporting to:

Regional OPS Manager

Department / Function:

Technical Support/ Maintenance

Business Unit:


Position Summary – Purpose and Objectives of the Role

Responsible for the overall maintenance of the labs. He oversees all aspects of the maintenance process, from installation and upkeep to inspection and repair, often assuming a hands-on role. His main responsibility is to ensure equipment, utilities and building availability to support operations.

Runs and manages maintenance teams in compliance with regulations and health and safety rules.

Main Focus and Key Areas of Responsibilities

Responsible for the following business / functional activities of India business unit:

• Organize team activities in order to support Production and minimize machine breakdowns CNC, HVAC, Utilities [ Air Compressors, Water Chillers, DG, LT Panels]

Overseeing the maintenance activities of other Traditional labs in Theni, Tirunelveli, Tirupathi

• Participate in daily Operations meeting (indicators, general information, ...) and lead immediate corrective actions

• Build/manage the preventive maintenance plan and provides instructions in collaboration with Production to ensure service and quality targets

• Works closely daily with Production, Engineering, CI, EHS, teams on mid and/or long term projects

• Build, follow and improve key process KPIs for the department (Example: MTTR (Medium time to repair), MTBF (Medium time between failure), OEE (overall efficiency equipment), EER (equipment efficiency reliability), cost, water, energy, waste, ...)

• Maintain availability of the equipment according to the KPIs defined and if necessary propose equipment improvement or new equipment

• Manage the spares stocks

• Define the right partnership between the teams (maintenance and suppliers)

• Is responsible to define and review specifications and requirements for suppliers’ contracts purchased by procurement department in order to fulfil the needs of maintenance department

• Define the quality of the service and the delay required to the suppliers, ensure the terms are respected with suppliers


  • Safety
  • OEE / EER
  • MTTR 
  • MTBF
  • Budget
  • Water - Energy - Waste consumptions
  • % of preventive maintenance plan achievement
  • Problem solving achieved on time (KPI to create)
  • KPIs Building conditions

Candidate Profile

Knowledge / Experience

Divisional or BU Experience

Operated as Maintenance Engineer of one or more of the following BUs:

  • Operations/ Production
  • Handled multiple factories/ laboratories in different geographical locations


Experience / Track Record

  • 3 years of relevant experience in similar Industry. (Bachelor Degree)


  • 5 years’ experience in light engineering, automation industry (Bachelor Degree)


  • 10 years’ experience in light engineering, automation industry (Diploma Degree)

Industries Experience

One or more of the following:

  • Light Engineering
  • Automation/ Electronics


Education / Qualification / Certification

Bachelor’s Degree in Electricals


Proficiency in English and local language. Multilingual will be advantage.

Pre-requisites and Next Career Steps


  • Strong critical and interrogative thinking, problem solving ability. 
  • Strong aptitude to multi-task, organizational skills.
  • Ability to prioritize based on highest value work.
  • Team work
  • Proactive approach
  • Goal and results oriented.
  • Leadership capacity.
  • Strong power to develop a partnership with external suppliers
  • Good interpersonal skills