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Department:       Global Engineering Asia / GE IS Asia – Software Development

Direct Report:    GE IS Asia Software Development Manager

Job Location:     Lad Krabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok, THAILAND




To develop and maintain the calculation systems and its integration technology of Essilor group and the Group’s partners, inclusive the other (new) applications related to process control system, data driven manufacturing, data mining, and etc.


Calculations Systems are the core and highly strategic technology of Essilor Group. New developments and enhancements of calculation systems are mandatory and key to drive the performances of Essilor Group. Besides that the group is developing data driven applications to enhance industrial performances. GE IS Asia Software Development has accordingly a key role in the development, test and validation of such the systems and applications.



Roles & Responsibilities:-

  • Understand, operate and maintain within the context of Calculation System evolution but not limited to its components and inclusive of Data Management tools
  • Conduct technical analysis on Calculation system requirements; core, components, tools and system
  • Provide support and solution for new products, new technologies and other technical   requests.
  • Develop, maintain, trouble shoot, enhance and document the components developing as per the requirements and specifications, inclusive best practices and coding standards in mind.
  • Participate in achieving software quality and propose continuous improvement methodology for Calculation System and Data Management Technologies
  • Able to unit test code by writing automated tests, to contribute the software efficiency and quality improvement
  • Conduct peer-reviews and lead-reviews with feedback providing 
  • Propose software optimizing and its performance tuning for various real-time environment of clients such as OS, database compliance, software platforms and framework.
  • Provide technical training to peers when required
  • Participate in the integration of Calculation system (and its Tools) with other IT Systems of ESSILOR
  • Provide technical expertise to support the integration project team
  • Organize and ensure training and transfer of skills to support and deployment teams as required or needed.



  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Information System or Computer Science
  • At least 3 years experiences in software programming
  • Competency in Windows Application (Services and Multi-threading) and C#.NET (.NET framework 4.0 onward)
  • Competency in Web Application development language, technology Frameworks (ex. Python, Javascript, CSS/ HTML, Angular, and etc.)
  • Competency in Cloud solutions specially in AWS (preferable)
  • Understand Algorithms and Advance Data Structures Fundamental
  • Competency Software Build and Releasing Management
  • Test Driven Development / Unit Test and Robot test framework Strong technical knowledge of Agile methodology, Software Development processes
  • Growing understanding of business and operational systems and models.
  • Ability to multi-task and stay organized in a dynamic work environment.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written in English
  • Able to travel aboard when needed

Preferable Technical skills and experience

  • Computer Programming Languages :  C#/.Net , Python , Java (optional)
  • Containerization Technology (Docker) / Containers as a service (CaaS)    
  • Web Technologies : Responsive Web Design,  Progressive Web Apps (optional)
  • Object Oriented programming (OOP) &  Design (OOD)  
  • Database and Schema Design : SQL,  PostgreSQL, MongoDB also no-SQL knowledge (optional)
  • Software testing (Unit Test) and debugging tools
  • Source Control such as Microsoft Git, TFS 
  • Agile Methodology
  • Software Development Fundamentals