Title:  NPI Engineer

Main Responsibilities

- Put in place in EOLT the TechnoClub best practices implementation dashboard in order to follow the timing and the benefit.

- In relation with EOLT NOI and AEL, Support the new products launch especially for AR and Finishing. Put in place the right setup and organize with NOI, Process Engineers, Quality and Production the roll out in EOLT.

- In relationwith Manufacturing Excellence department and Global Engineering contribute to define the right Technology for EOLT in case of capacity increase or replacement of Technoloty.

- Coordinate with EOLT Capacity Department and purchasing EOLT, the redaction of the PR, installation and acceptance of production equipments in EOLT. Same for any tooling, Process and software evolution.

- Define the right documentation and training material for any new Technology, processes, consumables evolution.

- Ensure safety is involved and validate any new Technologies or set-up of processes.

- Ensure all the Technical teams (Maintenance, Process Engineers, Quality etc...) are well trained to support any new Technology. Support the Technical skills training in EOLT by animating various sessions of Training 

- Make Technical audit in EOlT and be able to check any PCP.

- Make the link with Manufacturing Excellence and Global Engineering in case of specific support needs.


Job Specifications

- Bachelor degree in Engineering field.

- Good command of English

- Experienced in Production & Engineer 5 years up.

- Background in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Data Analysis.