Title:  Computer Vision Data Scientist

The Vision engineering team develops some specific vision systems to control and manufacture opthalmic lenses.

The computer vision Data scientist’s main mission consists in exploiting the data and images collected by those systems. You contribute to solve technical challenges such as improving  the knowledge of lenses characteristics (optical, geometric, cosmetic…) and supporting the intoduction of innovative technologies.

You are also involved in the development and validation of the vision solutions performance dealing with metrology, quality and industrial aspects. Early involved in the conception of the vision systems, you define the data strategy all long the development processus and provide advice to the vision engineers to reach the performances.

You will play the role of a valued partner for supporting both our ambitious technological challenges while introducing innovative approaches and solutions in your field of expertise.


Mission :

  • Analyse the need with the engineering experts and define the best strategy to follow.
  • Study the problematic, make a diagnosis of the situation and data available, prepare the data.
  • Analyse the data to provide insights to the experts and orientate the choice of the strategy to follow
  • Propose the appropriate methods to solve operational problems and develop specific classification, modelling, predictive and optimisation algorithms as needed
  • Validate the models developed, define indicators to evaluate the performance, analyse the results and provide recommendations.
  • Provide detailed and synthetic reports and communicate the results to the stakeholders and experts

You are in charge of the watch in your domain of expertise. As a member of the data sciences community in operations department, you share and contribute to identify the best practices.

Profile :

Engineering degree or master 2 with a Specialty in applied Mathematics, statistics or Data sciences with 5 years of experience in applying Data Sciences (data management, modeling…) in an industrial  environement. A specific experience in applying Deep learning is required to explore the potential of those technics in our specific ophtalmic field. Knowledge of vision technologies will be appreciated.

Technical skills required :

- Mastering Python, SQL, R languages

- Professional Skills in Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and PyTorch libraries

- Deep knowledge and understanding of Data Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Statistical Analytics, Data Quality, Metadata Management and other governance practices

- Experience with data warehouse and master data management implementation methodologies & solutions

- Awareness of DevOps practices  (CI/CD, containerization)  is a plus

- Experience on Cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) is a plus


Learning on the fly is key to continuously improve your knowledge and skills and adapt your way of working in an innovative environment.

Rigorous, with good communication skills, you show pedagogy in your daily work with the experts and are able to simply explain Data sciences.

Both Autonomous and team worker you are able to influence and have good listening abilities to understand the needs and technical constraints of your internal customers.   

Tenacious, results oriented and creative, we expect from you to introduce innovative approaches and challenge the believes in our organizations.