At Essilor, every contribution counts, and we believe that our collective intelligence is a powerful way to help us all progress. Our version of a great workplace is a team united in pursuit of ambitious common goals, an amazing purpose that everyone can contribute to, and a passion to move forward as a company.

It’s a place you can learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and see the difference you make everyday. We achieve such a strong culture by fostering collaboration, embracing a diversity of viewpoints, and encouraging information sharing and debate. 


For those who are self motivated, driven, drawn by the possibility to create your own direction, and be ready to explore new opportunities – Essilor is the right company for you. We shape the future of the vision care and operate in a dynamic and fast paced environment, thus we adjust, adapt and innovate to be ahead of the game. 

We need welcome those who will push themselves and those around them, to see what’s possible and to grow the Essilor brand of the future. We look for brave people who are willing to embrace change, ready to learn fast and develop with us.